The Pallet Shuttle is a high-density storage system where a shuttle, powered by an electric motor, runs along rails inside a storage channel. By replacing forklifts, this radio shuttle solution considerably reduces operating times and enables SKUs to be grouped by channels rather than by entire lanes.

The shuttle follows orders sent by an operator through a WiFi connected tablet. It deposits its load in the first free location in the channel, while compacting the pallets as much as possible. Not having forklift traffic inside the lanes increases storage capacity in terms of depth and decreases the risk of accidents. Damage to the shuttle racks is then negligible, operator movements are optimized and warehouse operations modernized and made more flexible.

An ideal solution for companies handling high volumes of single-SKU pallets, as well as intense loading and unloading activities. Greater diversification since each channel houses a different item.

  • High productivity through increased inflows and outflows of goods.
  • Greater capacity, i.e. deep store pallets in up to 131 ft lanes.
  • Highly cost-effective, thanks to reduced operating costs.
  • Decreased incidents and maintenance costs.
  • Multiple advanced funtionalities easily controlled from a single tablet.