If you are relocating and have a lot on your checklist to make the transition a smooth one, let Alliance Pallet Rack cross “move warehouse equipment” off the list. Alliance Pallet Rack can move all of your storage equipment and have it installed at your new location in a matter of a few days. Other services that Alliance Pallet Rack provides for businesses that are relocating are:

  • Warehouse teardown
  • Transportation of the equipment
  • Reinstallation at the new facility
  • Design consultation to maximize current storage space

Along with reinstalling old equipment, Alliance Pallet Rack will give a fair money offer to companies that are downsizing and wanting to sell their old warehouse storage and material handling equipment. Alliance Pallet Rack is always looking to buy good clean used warehouse storage and material handling equipment and will travel nationwide and pay cash for good storage equipment ranging from pallet racks to forklifts. Trade-ins are also acceptable for companies that want to upgrade their equipment along with their facility.

Having a professional move your warehouse equipment is not only convenient but it is a smart choice too. Alliance Pallet Rack will be able to repair your equipment or offer you a replacement if they see damage to the warehouse storage and material handling equipment, and will know all of the safety protocol when reinstalling. Alliance Pallet Rack also has the experience and knowledge to give your new facility a floor plan that will make for an efficient work environment while maximizing storage space.

Modern semi truck flat bed trailer with cargo on parking