Warehouse Racking Inspection Services

As a part of our full-service capabilities, Alliance Pallet Rack provides professional pallet racking inspection and repair services. We can also inspect your warehouse layout and operations in order to ensure compliance and productive efficiencies.

  • New Installation Inspection
  • Assess Damaged Racking
  • Operations & Safety Analysis
  • Proper Rack Load Balancing
  • Ventilation Inspection Near Pallet Racks
Pallet Rack Products and Services by Alliance Pallet Rack

Racking Repair Services

Getting your pallet rack systems professionally repaired is imperative to maintaining a safe working environment. Additionally, our racking repair services are often a more affordable option than replacing damaged warehouse racking. Our professionals can evaluate the condition of your pallet rack damage and make recommendations for repair or replacement. Our custom fabrication services allow endless solutions and customization to your storage needs and can provide the most efficient repair solution possible.

Replace VS. Repair

Unload 20 pallets and stage out of the way 45 mins
Install crew must utilize equipment to disassemble upright and wire decks 45 mins
Anchors cut, install new uprights, beams & wire deck, then anchor. 45 mins
Reload all pallets 45 mins
Materials Shipment 2-3 Days
Unload 2-8 pallets and stage out of the way (*total load must not exceed 10,000 lbs) 20 mins
Install crew raise the upright and cut out damage 15 mins
Anchors cut, install repair kit, then anchor. 30 mins
Reload all pallets 20 mins
Materials Shipment 1 Day
Cost Breakdown
NEW 42" x 240" Upright $265
(2) 1/2" Anchors $4
Local Delivery $250
Labor $575
Equipment Rental & Delivery $990
COST: $2,084
Cost Breakdown
24" Repair Kit $575
(4) 3/4" Anchors Included
Local Delivery $75
Labor $250
Equipment Rental & Delivery No need!
COST: $900

This comparison is based on standard in-stock repair kit for damaged 20′ tall upright with 4 beams levels and wire deck.



  • Lead time savings up to 48+ hours
  • Install time savings up to 1.5+ hours
  • Anchors installed in between front and back column eliminate any problems that may occur with existing upright footplate anchor hole or damaged concrete.