Alliance Pallet Rack is a material handling and storage equipment company offering new and used warehouse equipment. We offer a broad selection of pallet racking, wire decking, and engineered storage solutions. We represent leading pallet rack manufacturers, providing storage solutions for warehouse, distribution, third-party logistics (3pl) and manufacturing facilities with cantilever, shelving, safety equipment, pallet jacks, professional installation, teardowns, and relocations.

We provide manufacturing, distribution and warehouse automation. We offer pallet racking, storage solutions, mezzanines, and modular building systems. We have crews of over 20 professional mechanical installers, who manage pallet rack and storage system installation and reconfiguration.

Our Broad Selection of Warehouse and Storage Equipment Includes

Pallet racks, with many styles and sizes, allow palletized materials to be stored in horizontal rows with multiple levels.

This system uses carts to store pallets on that nest into each other and slide back & forth on a rail typically 2-6 pallets deep (some systems go deeper).

Systems designed to manage loads of varying length and proportion and have completely accessibility from the front.

Maximizes available space and provides valuable upper Deck Storage

Loading dock equipment ensures that dock areas are more accessible, and allows for the safe and efficient movement of heavy, valuable goods.

Modular Offices can be the perfect alternative to conventionally constructed buildings inside and outside your facility.