A pallet rack is a handling storage aid system that stores inventory on pallets. There are many variations of pallet racks to custom fit the client’s needs. Pallet racks are typically used to maximize storage space and are designed for easy access to inventory.

Pallet Rack Systems Are Not All Created Equal

Every customized pallet racking system is engineered different. It’s important to speak with the design team at Alliance Pallet Rack to install the best accessories for your particular system and create a layout that will maximize your storage space and make your business more efficient.

Different Ways Pallet Racks Can Be Used

Pallet racks are designed differently to adhere to the different products that need to be stored. Some pallet racks are built up to use the height of your building rather than valuable floor space to maximize your storage capabilities.

There are pallet racks designed to hold a large amount of weight and others are built for inventory that needs to be rotated and accessed quickly. Some are built for perishable items with a FIFO method to keep the inventory moving. Our pallet rack systems are simple to install and are priced competitively. For warehouses that are tight on space, pallet racks can be an easy fix to create a whole new more productive work environment.

The main goal for pallet rack is to get pallets or skids of your product off of the floor and utilize your cubic space rather than be limited to square footage. This ultimately saves you money on your real estate by using every inch of cubic space you have available. This also makes it easier to select your inventory by organizing your pallets for pulling orders, stocking when you receive, etc.   

Pallet Rack Systems Must Be Constructed and Maintained Properly

There are some common rules to follow to maintain pallet rack safety which consists of:

  • Do not overload your pallet rack, this can result it to warp or even collapse
  • Make sure to inspect your pallet rack for missing pieces or damaged parts because this can lead to more damage in the future
  • Have a professional install and take down your pallet rack to ensure safety
  • Make sure your forklift drivers report any damage to the pallet rack immediately
  • Check the ventilation near your pallet racks because poor ventilation or overly tight packing of pallets can present fire hazards